Army Block Leave Mailroom Closures


During the holiday season, the Army temporarily suspends operations at basic training and advanced individual training schools. The Army is unique in this way, as it’s the only branch of the military that honors Holiday Block Leave for all recruits in basic training. This break enables recruits, drill sergeants and instructors to take time off during Christmas, rejuvenate, and return in the New Year fully prepared for training duties.

Get answers to all your questions about the Army Holiday Block Leave and related mailroom closures. 


  • 12/11 Ensure Holiday Delivery for all Army bases – Final Print at 5 pm ET.
  • 1/2 Open – Any letters submitted after 8 am ET on 12/27 will be printed and shipped.
    *All Army letters submitted between 12/11/23 at 5 pm ET and 1/2/24 at 4:30 pm ET will be printed and shipped. Excluding Fort Moore, which will be printed 1/3/24 and delivered on 1/4/23. 


Starting December 11 after 5 pm ET, Sandboxx will hold all Army mail at Headquarters until training reopens. The Sandboxx Mailroom will only be fulfilling Letters on December 27th (with December 28th delivery) between the Christmas and New Year holiday. 

All mail submitted after 5 pm ET on December 11th, will be delivered on Wednesday, January 3rd for Fort Jackson and Fort Leonard Wood. 

All mail submitted after 5 pm ET on December 11th, for Fort Sill will be delivered on Thursday, January 4th. 

All mail submitted after 5 pm ET on December 11th, for Fort Moore will be delivered on Friday, January 5th. 

Fort Moore 12/15/22 – 1/4/23 Closed
Fort Jackson 12/18/22 – 1/2/23 Closed
Fort Leonard Wood 12/18/22 – 1/2/23 Closed
Fort Sill 12/19/22 – 1/3/23 Closed

Want to learn more about Holiday Block Leave? Sandboxx answers some of the most common questions in this post. If you have additional questions around Holiday Block Leave, check your recruit’s training company facebook page, or for more information.

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