Everything You Want To Know About Navy P-Days

Navy Processing Days, or P-Days, is a challenging time at boot camp. Although formal training has not officially begun, recruits should remember to stand at attention, respond only when spoken to, and follow each direction exactly as told. A lot of information will be given, so it is best to pay close attention and then work to follow the instructions to the best of your ability. 

A good rule of thumb is to respond “aye, aye” to instructions, meaning you understand and will comply.

Recruits will undergo medical, dental, and administrative screenings. Recruits receive a thorough round of inoculations and an initial issue of uniforms. A Navy drug lab will give all recruits a thorough drug screening urinalysis upon arrival. The Navy has a zero-tolerance policy regarding drug use. This includes any prescription drugs, for which a recruit does not have a valid prescription. There are no exceptions to this rule, so before a recruit arrives on board, he or she should adhere to the Navy’s policies regarding drug use.

During P-Days, recruits will have an opportunity to inform their supporters of their boot camp mailing address and other critical information. If recruits choose to do this through Sandboxx, that information will come via text or email, and you’ll be able to send your recruit a letter immediately. So be on the lookout.

How long is Navy P-Days?

P-Days last for five business days. The number of calendar days may run a little longer due to weekends, federal holidays, or arriving recruits’ schedules. During Navy P-days, recruits will learn the basics of compartment (berthing) cleanliness, watch standing, memorization, and issued gear and their lives.

At the end of P-Days, the divisions will participate in a commissioning ceremony, receive their Gidon (divisional pennant), and attend a leadership brief from the Commanding Officer of RTC. These events will signal the end of P-Days and the beginning of the recruit’s training.

Sending Mail To Navy Boot Camp

Mail call is a critical connection recruits have with friends, family, and the rest of the outside world. Be sure to send your recruit letters to keep them motivated week over week. You can learn more about sending letters to Navy boot camp faster, and check out weekly training updates on your recruit’s journey at Great Lakes for new letter inspiration each week. SImply download the Sandboxx app to get started.

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