Federal Premium Adds Hornady ELD-X Hunting Bullets to Line


Federal Premium recently added hard-hitting Hornady ELD-X hunting bullets to its factory ammunition lines. The bullet will be loaded in cartridges ranging from .243 Win. up to 300 Win. Mag. Federal initially launched the line with a 7mm PRC loaded with a 175-grain ELD-X.

Federal Premium Hornady ELD-X Hunting Ammo

“Continuing the tradition of Federal Premium—which means loading the most popular bullets—we now are loading ELD-X bullets,” said Federal’s Senior Director of Product Management, Jesse Whiteside. “ELD-X bullets are very accurate and we are holding this bullet to our highest standards of our Premium specifications. Our customers requested these bullets in factory-loaded ammunition, and we are happy to deliver on our customers’ needs.”

The match-accurate ELD-X hunting bullet features an extremely high-ballistic coefficient. The design provides effective expansion at a wide range of velocities, according to Federal. The bullet features a unique polymer tip that resists deformation to achieve consistent ballistics and initiate extreme-range expansion. It also utilizes an aerodynamic secant ogive and optimized boat-tail, along with a concentric copper jacket with robust shank. Cartridges come loaded with a specially formulated propellant and nickel-plated brass.

The new loadings come package in 20-round boxes; MSRP is $52.99-$82.99. For more info, please visit federalpremium.com.

Federal ELD-X Loadings

  • 243 Win., 90-grain
  • 6.5 Creedmoor, 143-grain
  • 6.5 PRC, 143-grain
  • 270 Win., 145-grain
  • 7mm Rem. Magnum, 162-grain
  • 7mm PRC, 175-grain
  • 308 Win., 178-grain
  • 30-06 Sprg.,178-grain
  • 300 WSM, 200-grain
  • 300 Win. Mag., 200-grain

Editor’s Note:

We love seeing these collaborations in the ammo business, taking quality, premium bullets and matching them with proven ammunition lines. Federal’s loading of Hornady ELD-X hunting bullets makes for one powerful, performance-based combination. And the wide range of loadings delivers this combo to pretty much every type of big-game hunter in the woods. From the mild-mannered .243 to the big .300 Win. Mag, this load covers the gamut from whitetail deer up to elk or moose.

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