Freedom Munitions X-DEF Line Adds .357 Sig Self-Defense Ammo


When it comes to concealed carry, ammunition selection is as important as firearm selection. For this reason, ammunition manufacturers like Freedom Munitions place a focus on self-defense-specific options like the X-DEF line. After releasing .38 Special, .357 Mag, and 200 grain 10mm earlier this year, the company now adds the .357 Sig to the X-DEF line.

X-DEF Line from Freedom Munitions Expands with the Addition of .357 Sig

Seated in a brass casing is the X-Treme Bullets’ copper-plated lead bullet. The 124-grain X-DEF hollow point expanding bullet is expelled via premium, low-flash powder. Engineered from the ground up, the X-DEF projectile achieves 99% weight retention, according to the company. As a result, it delivers optimum penetration.

Freedom Munitions tested the round in its ballistics lab and clocked a velocity of 1350 FPS with a 4-inch barrel. Likewise, the round achieved 13-15-inch penetration in clear ballistic gelatin. This combination of weight retention and penetration makes the X-DEF line a solid choice for personal defense.

Where the X-DEF .357 Sig really shines is in its pricing. As opposed to packaging the ammo in 20- or 25-round boxes, X-DEF is packaged in 50-round boxes. However, at $31.89 per 50-round box, the ammo is competitively priced for affordability. Thus making it easier to keep all of your firearms loaded with premium defensive ammo.

(Photo by Freedom Munitions)

The .357 Sig joins .38 Special X-DEF, .357 Mag X-DEF in two weights, and also a 200 grain 10MM X-DEF in the self-defense category.

“We have meticulously designed X-DEF for optimum penetration and weight retention, to ensure each cartridge is a defense round customers can rely on. We are continually growing our X-DEF line to give our customers a solid selection of calibers when choosing their personal defense ammo,” said Toby Thill, President of Freedom Munitions.


Freedom Munitions X-DEF .357 Sig is available now with an MSRP of $31.89 per 50-round box. For more info, please visit

Freedom Munitions X-DEF .357 Sig Specs

Casing Type Brass
Bullet Type Lead
Bullet Profile Hollow Point (Hp)
Weight 124 Gr
Caliber 357 Sig
Activity Self-Defense
Velocity Avg 1350 Fps
MSRP $31.89/50 rounds

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