Give a Letter, Get a Letter: Sandboxx’s Referral Program

At Sandboxx, our users often ask us, “how can I share Sandboxx with my friends and family?” Because of this, we’re incredibly excited to share a referral and rewards program that can benefit all of our users, old and new!

This program provides an easy and straightforward way to share Sandboxx with your friends and family so they can use letters to support your, and any other, recruit or service member. Additionally, for every new customer you refer to Sandboxx that sends a letter, we’ll add one free letter to your account!

Ready to spread the word about Sandboxx and start earning letters? Open your app and follow these simple steps:

1. Tap Home and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to tap Refer a Friend.

Sandboxx App home screen

2. Next, copy your personalized link to share Sandboxx with your friends and family, either via SMS, email, or through another app of your choice (like Facebook, Instagram, etc.). When they accept your invitation, they will have access to your mailing address.

Referral App Screen

3. Once someone signs up and downloads Sandboxx for the first time through your link, they’ll need to purchase a letter and send it. Once your referral sends that first letter, both you and your referral will receive a free letter in your respective accounts.

Notification from Sandboxx

4. To see a complete overview of all of your referrals and the letters that you’ve earned, you can tap “Check your referral status” to access all of this information.

Referral App Screen

That’s it! There are no limits to the number of people that you can refer to Sandboxx, nor to the number of free letters that you are eligible to earn.

Any questions? Looking for more details about our referral program? You can learn more about the program at any time by visiting our referral program FAQ page.

Once you’re ready to start earning free letters, just open your Sandboxx app and follow the instructions from this post.

Happy letter earning!

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