Magtech Steel Case 9mm Brings Affordable Pistol, PCC Ammo


If we take anything from recent history, it’s the knowledge of just how scarce good ammo can be. Whether social disorder or political upheaval, outside forces routinely the firearms industry, especially ammunition availability. So any new production of new ammo products is always welcome. When a company targets making it more affordable, well that’s even better. Enter Magtech Steel Case 9mm.

Magtech Steel Case 9mm Ammo

For anyone who trains regularly, competes in action shooting or just loves pulling the trigger, most of us have a love-hate relationship with steel case ammunition. Magtech attempts to make it more enjoyable experience by utilizing “a new production process that significantly elevates the quality and performance standards traditionally associated with steel case ammunition,” stated a company release.

The new Magtech Steel Case 9mm runs on proprietary machinery, using Boxer primers, and the same powder and projectiles used in Magtech’s standard brass 9mm. The new steel cases come zinc-plated and polished to high standards, according to Magtech. The process eliminates the need for lacquers, polymer coatings and other case treatments.

“We are excited to introduce Magtech Steel Case 9mm to the market,” said Troy Duerr, President of Magtech Ammunition. “This new product is manufactured to the same high standards as our brass ammunition with a more economical price point. We are confident that it will be a popular choice for target shooting and range use.”

The new load is currently available in 115-grain FMJ loadings. For more info, visit

Editor’s Take:

We’ve got some folks around here that like to bang away at steel shooting USPSA and 3-gun. So steel case ammo comprises a go-to training aid, for sure. Shooters need affordable ammo to progress, and steel case offers the most bang for you buck quite often. If Magtech succeeded at all in making it any more reliable and consistent in feeding, then this will of course be a sure winner. We hope to get some in for evaluation on the range soon, so stay tuned.

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